We all have done factory resets on our smartphones at some point in our life. But, have you ever felt it becoming evil once the reset protection is on? I am sure you have. Probably, you had reset protection enabled on your smartphone so someone should not be able to reset your phone without your permission. But, what if you want to reset your phone and now, unfortunately, you no longer got that key in your pocket to perform a factory reset. In this article, we will be talking about the FRP Bypass Apk.

This feature is primarly found in mobile phones which are made and manufactured by Samsung.

What can be done in that case? Sure, you can find out a solution to that problem. Let me give you a smile on your face. You can find that key here to perform a factory reset without knowing that security credentials with FRP enabled. And that’s where FRP bypass APK comes to rescue the users who want to bypass factory reset protection. Do you want to know how exactly you can do that? Read below 😉

frp bypass

First, before getting in deep in how to bypass and other stuff, let’s talk about What the abbreviation stands for.

What Does FRP Mean?

FRP is a patch developed by Google for devices running on Android lollipop or above. Usually, this security feature is available in Samsung, LG, Sony smartphones.

It is becoming a very toughest challenge for everyone to remember the FRP credentials, and then they struggle to process the reset. There are several ways to bypass the FRP patch made available by Google, and all of them works well. But, the easiest and convenient method is to use the FRP bypass APK.

FRP Bypass is a method where you trick( just for the convenience) your mobile factory settings which allows you to perform the bypass and reset your phone or even disable that lock without having the actual credentials. A simple Android app can handle all of this with just a few clicks.

Features Of Bypass APK:

1. No nonsense options for confusing the user.
2. Small in size.
3. No front-end UI. The app runs in the background tweaking the factory reset related settings to fool the phone.

What do you need to get started with the bypass?

Here is a small list of pre-requisite which will allow you to proceed with your bypass. Just make sure you will fulfill these requirements and then you are ready.

1. A USB Pendrive/Flash Drive
2. Smooth internet connection
3. FRP enabled device which needs to be bypassed.

How the FRP Bypass APK works?

The FRP Bypass APK file is the installation file for your Samsung mobile which is FRP enabled. The file contains a few lines of codes which runs in the background of Android and maintain few processes which help it to fool the settings and let the user bypass the FRP and allows to run a factory reset without any problem. If the app is not able to avoid the FRP, then it might show some error.

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How to Perform the FRP bypass?

  1. First of all, download the FRP bypass APK on your Android device with the link provided.
  2. Now, make sure you have enabled installation from unknown resources to make sure that at the time of installation you can easily install without ant issue occurring. You can do that by going into settings>security>unknown resources.
  3. Now, open where the FRP Bypass APK has been downloaded. From there, run the APK file and install it. Once the installation is completed, go to the app drawer and open the FRP Bypass app and run it.
  4. That’s it. This app will do its magic without letting you do anything further. All you need to after that is perform your reset by going into settings and restart your phone.

In case if you need a video guidance in removing FRP Lock from your device, then you can refer to the video below –


We hope that this article was helpful for you to understand how the FRP Bypass App works and how can install it and run and perform a factory reset. So, If you’re consistently getting failed to bypass Factory Reset Protection on your device then make sure there are no other apps in the background and you are not connected to the internet as it sometimes creates a problem for the app to alter the settings. You can swith-off the phone and then try again.